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Bad Girl

“Bad Girl”



Did I tell you that you took the breath right out of me

I kinda felt the world get colder on my side

But every time I glance at her it’s like she’s seducing me

Can you tell me what your doing to my mind



I just want you

To want me just as much as I want you


Don’t waste no time

Maybe I should go about you being mine



She’s a rude girl get off me

Bad girl bad girl

She’s so dirty

She’s a bad girl

Trying to get thru my heart

Tryna get me caught up

No girl

Bad girl

And now I know I won’t let ya

Get that close to my heart



Girl you got me in a trance your manipulating me

I don’t see you as the beauty like before

All I want to give you girl is just all the best of me

Now i’m thinking I should go and change my mind


So come on why you think we playing hide and seek

She told me that’s the way that she lives her life




Why waste my time

If your never going to give me peace of mind

Oh girl

Why should I try

I don’t think I want you to be mine this time




Why do you try

To break me this time

With lust in your eyes

Uh I can’t deny

You are so fine girl

You blow my mind

But never my pride


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Album Review

"Bad Girl is every bit as good as Justin Timberlake and the Danish talent, now living in Los Angeles, has a very decent shot at breaking in the states with this song and video"
- - EuroPopped